​Appearances aren't everything, but feeling good about the way you look can boost self-esteem, improve mental health and help you face the world with peak confidence.

CMU Health Cosmetic Services in Mount Pleasant can help you achieve the look you want through a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including:

Cosmetic injectables used to temporarily diminish wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement

Chemical peel
Treatment with a chemical solution to improve the appearance and texture of your skin through exfoliation and regeneration of new skin

Filler (Restylane or Juvederm)
Injected into the skin to fill in lines, enhance your lips or cheeks, re-shape the nose, etc.

Permanent makeup
Cosmetic tattoo procedure to enhance your eyes with eyeliner, contour lips, permanent lip color, re-shape or fill in eyebrows

Plasma rich protein (PRP)
Uses components of your own blood injecting into the skin repairing elasticity, fullness, texture and tone

Nova threads
One hour face lift procedure with no scarring, using absorbable threads that stimulate collagen

Vein treatments
Wintertime treatment that targets spider veins on the legs – multiple treatments may be necessary, veins should stay away for 1 - 3 years

Treatments are performed by a licensed physician assistant with two decades of experience in providing cosmetic services.

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