Expanding your family is a tremendously exciting time in life. Without a doubt, parenting is one the most rewarding, yet challenging jobs – but you aren’t alone. CMU Health's team of pediatricians foster a family-friendly environment for the healthy growth and development of our pediatrics patients, while directly involving the parents in their child's care plan.

In partnership with the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. and Centering Healthcare Institute, we are proud to share with you an interactive model of care for families with newborns – CenteringParenting®. This program replaces traditional childcare and brings 6-8 moms, dads, partners, support people and their infants (age 0 – 2 years) together in community with their health care providers and other parents of same-age infants, who are experiencing similar milestones at the same time.

CenteringParenting® fosters a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and creates lifelong bonds between families. Each visit begins with individual well-child health assessments, immunizations, and developmental screenings that follow nationally recognized guidelines.

What is CenteringParenting®?

CenteringParenting® provides family centered well-child care for the first two years, continuing on from CenteringPregnancy® or starting when 6-8 parents and infants of the same age are brought together for care. In each two hour visit you’ll have a one-on-one assessment with the provider and then time for group discussion. You are actively involved in your child’s assessment at every visit: tracking growth, development, immunizations and oral health. Individual well-child health assessments, immunizations and developmental screenings follow the Bright Futures™ nationally recognized guidelines. An emphasis on family, self-care, wellness and women’s health is woven throughout.