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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please contact the CMU Carls Center at (989) 774-3904 to inquire about appointment availability. Carls Center staff will ask for basic information regarding yourself and your child. Please have your insurance information ready when you call.

Physicians and other health professionals may fax referrals to (989) 774-1891. Please write “Attn: Autism Clinic” on the fax cover page. Once the referral is received, Carls Center staff will contact the patient and send confirmation to your office.

Is a physician referral required?

Please contact your insurance provider to determine coverage and whether a physician referral is a requirement of your specific plan.

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes, we do. Our wait time frequently fluctuates depending on the number of people requesting an appointment.

Are you open all year or do you close for the summer?

We follow the CMU calendar and are open during the summer. In the case of inclement weather, if CMU is closed or delayed, autism evaluation appointments will be cancelled/changed. Please check the CMU website prior to your appointment.

What information does the center need before my child’s appointment?

Please return the History Packet to the Carls Center along with any past evaluations from school or other medical/psychological providers.

What should I bring with me to the appointment?

  • Any past psychological, speech, or medical evaluations
  • Educational records (e.g., IEP, testing reports)
  • A list of behaviors of concern or questions
  • Developmental history for your child (e.g., baby book)
  • Names and contact information of other service providers who treat your child
  • Comfort items and a snack for your child
  • Your child’s medical equipment (e.g., glasses, hearing aids)

Who should attend the appointment?

At a minimum, your child and at least one parent/caregiver. It is best if both parents/caregivers can attend. If not, having a second caregiver/family member who knows your child well is encouraged.

If your child has siblings, we ask families to consider making other arrangements for additional children during the appointment time. Children may not be left unattended anywhere in the clinic or on campus premises.

How long does this take?

The length of the appointment is dependent on several factors. You will receive a schedule with an outline for your day. Please be prepared to spend several hours at the clinic.

How much does an evaluation cost?

We encourage all patients to contact their insurance to understand their coverage and benefits. Carls Center billing staff will provide a cost estimate prior to the appointment. Payment according to the cost estimate is expected at the time of service. Should the total cost of the evaluation be more or less than the estimate, you will be either charged or refunded the difference. The cost of the evaluation varies for each patient depending on insurance coverage and length of the evaluation.