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Centering Programs

Centering® brings patients out of the exam room into a unique group setting that combines health assessment, interactive learning, and community building. Prenatal care (CenteringPregnancy®) and well-child care (CenteringParenting®) is offered by CMU Health in Saginaw in partnership with the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. and Centering Healthcare Institute.

At each two-hour visit, you’ll have a one-on-one assessment with your provider and time for group discussion. Centering® is proven to lead to more time with your provider at no additional cost, better health outcomes for moms and babies, and greater engagement and self-confidence.


CMU Health’s team of obstetricians and certified nurse midwives are trained in the dedicated service of managing pregnancy, childbirth, and the care of women through labor and delivery. CenteringPregnancy® brings 8-12 pregnant women who are due around the same time together for routine prenatal care.

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CenteringParenting® provides family centered well-child care for the first two years, continuing on from CenteringPregnancy® or starting when 6-8 parents and infants of the same age are brought together for care.

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